Travel Rentals in Macau

Located just a short hop from both Hong Kong and mainland China, Macau is famed for being one of the most-visited gambling capitals of the world. Macau is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China and is known for generating more gambling revenue than anywhere else in the world. In fact, it gains over seven times more the amount of money from the gambling industry than Las Vegas. Macau is a fantastic vacation destination for anyone with a love of gambling, and there’s no better place to stay than your very own holiday rental.

Due to the restrictive laws in mainland China, Macau is incredibly popular with local Chinese residents. The majority of the casinos are located along the waterfront, along with a plethora of bars, restaurants and other entertainment facilities. Despite its small size, there are a total of 38 casinos, the largest of which is The Venetian Macao. Other popular casinos include Galaxy Entertainment, Las Vegas Sands, and SJM Holdings. All casinos in Macau are operated by a centralized government system, and the same rules apply to all of them located in the vicinity. Despite its popularity as a gambling mecca, poker was only introduced to Macau back in 2017. And, to this day, you can only play poker in Macau in an electronic format.

Hotels can be expensive in Macau, due to the strict government regulations. However, it possible to save money by booking your home away from home, with your very own vacation apartment. If you want to avoid the crowds, it is also advisable to not visit Macau on Friday and Saturday nights, when residents from China and Hong Kong head to the small city-state, to take a chance on a spot of gambling in the Macau casinos.

As well as exploring the casinos, other activities in Macau include greyhound racing, visiting the beaches, and also the extensive hiking and cycling opportunities across the collection of islands. While there, visitors should also explore the old colonial center, which has many buildings which date back to the time when Macau was colonized by the Portuguese.