Gambling in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a popular gambling destination, located in the European country of Monaco. As well as being famous for its beautiful Mediterranean coastline, Monte Carlo has become a hub for the rich and famous and the hardcore lovers of gambling.

Despite being one of the most famous gambling destinations in the world, Monte Carlo actually only has three casinos. The Monte Carlo Casino is the brainchild of Princess Caroline. It was opened to raise money to stop the local monarchy from facing bankruptcy. Over the past 155 years, Monte Carlo casino has become one of the World’s Premier casinos and also one of the most exclusive.

The Monte Carlo Casino is regularly frequented by the rich and famous. Note that the dress code is incredibly strict, and men must wear a formal suit whilst women must also be dressed smartly. One of the reasons for the casino’s popularity is the spectacular setting. Due to its heritage, the casino building itself boasts a stunning collection of stained-glass windows and beautiful paintings.

In addition to the Monte Carlo Casino, there are also two more Americanized casinos in the city. At the Monte Carlo Casino, they have no entrance fee and the dress code is more relaxed. However, for the fantastically indulgent and authentic experience, at least one visit to the Monte Carlo Casino is encouraged.

Holiday rentals are the perfect choice when visiting Monte Carlo. You can choose from a range of accommodation including spectacular apartments with views of the resplendent French Riviera or something a little more humble such as a kitsch Mediterranean studio in a more suburban locality. Holiday rentals also give you the opportunity to cook at home and are often much cheaper and more spacious than hotels.

As well as visiting the casino, another highlight of a visit to Monte Carlo is seeing the Grand Prix course. Many tour operators give you the opportunity to drive around the course in a fabulous car such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Whilst this can be an expensive activity, the thrill of driving the Grand Prix course in such an exclusive vehicle is a once in a lifetime experience.