Atlantic City Gambling

Atlantic City is a holiday destination located in New Jersey, United States. Due to the legalization of gambling, it has become one of the most popular entertainment resorts in the US, only second to Las Vegas. After its popularity declined as a beach resort for Philadelphia residents, it gained new status after the state-wide referendum of 1976 which legalized casino gambling in Atlantic City. The premier draw for visitors to Atlantic City is its many casinos. Slots, roulette, craps, poker, and special table games are offered in abundance to those who make the trip to the east coast gambling Mecca.

Some of the most popular casinos in Atlantic City include Gold Nugget, Hard Rock, Resorts Casino, and Caesars. Most of the major casinos are located along the iconic Boardwalk. It is considered the ‘strip’ of the resort and provides easy access to not just to the casinos, but also many hotels, apartments, bars, and restaurants. Attractions in Atlantic City include the city aquarium, Lucy the Elephant, a large building constructed to look like the titular animal, the Atlantic City History Museum, and the many concerts or shows which take place in the vicinity.

As well as hotels, there is also a wide array of apartments on offer for rental in Atlantic City. Not only can rental be a cheaper option compared to hotels, but they also offer more space and a more hospitable and homelier environment for your stay. Atlantic City is located just an hour from Philadelphia and 2 hours from New York which make it a fantastic destination for those living in East Coast cities with an interest in gambling.

Atlantic City is also a beach destination. If you enjoy gambling but don’t want to spend all of your day there, then you can head to the beach to soak up some sunshine before returning to the casino in the evening to enjoy a casual flutter.

With its vintage charm, wonderful range of casinos, and excellent location there are few places better in United State to enjoy a weekend of gambling than in Atlantic City.